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Copper, Zinc
55 years of production, experience, stability.

From Turkey to the World

We are operating on copper, zinc and lead  processing area for Turkey and World market  since 1968 on our modern producing plants  over 35.000 m² half of which is indoor.

Why Us?

Built upon our extensive experience and robust organizational network, our strong production infrastructure and international expertise, coupled with our quality assurance, underscore our commitment to the environment and humanity. We proudly present 54 years of accumulated knowledge to you.
Strong Production Infrastructure
We are producing for Turkey and world market with our strong technical and administrative staff at our 35.000 m² modern production plant that 17.000 m² of it is indoor.
Warranty of Quality
Every stage of production is inspected within international standards frame, and the products are delivered at the finest quality.
Strong Organization Network
We are able to offer fast supply to in-land and abroad market by means of our offices and agents at important centers and ports.
International Experience
We meet the needs of our customers in the world market by the force of competitive prices and strong collaborations.
54 Years of Experience
We have a powerful past owing to our substantial and confidential production customs starting from 1968 to present.
Focus on Environment and Human
At all production and trading activities, we regard serving to our country and being beneficial to the environment and community as a responsibility.

1968 to present...



For the whole world, always the best.

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