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Copper Flat Wire

Copper Flat Wire
Copper Flat Wire
Copper Flat Wire
Copper Flat Wire
Copper Flat Wire
Type Cu-ETP
Composition Cu – Min. 99,90%
Standard TS EN 435 - TS EN 13601
Conductivity 56 - 58 MS/m
Order Solid, Semi-Tendered, Tendered
Product Dimensions Min: 0,40 mm / Max: 6 mm

Areas of Usage: It’s consumed at any industrial and commercial environment where high voltage is used. Environments with high electrical current, power lines and trunks, any field where conductivity is needed.

Copper is obtained from nature and is a recyclable pure substance.

Min. 250 kg Order Possibility
Special production opportunity according to your product details preference
Production Capability in Special Sizes
Production can be made in sizes specific to your project or needs.
Short Term, Fast Delivery
Our highly diverse production capability offers you the opportunity for fast delivery and delivery.



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