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26 Nov Unique mineral, copper, in industrial and urban development
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Urban and industrial growth is a fundamental dynamic shaping modern societies, and in these processes, the role of copper is quite prominent. Copper, with its versatile applications, holds a key position, especially in the energy, construction, and industrial sectors. From the industrial revolution ..
25 Nov Copper is at the center of clean energy transformation!
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Renewable energy has become a focal point for a sustainable future, and in this context, copper mining plays a crucial role in clean energy production. Copper is widely used in the manufacturing of solar panels and the construction of wind turbines. Additionally, it is a significant component in the..
25 Nov Follow us for professional communication
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Küçükarslanlar Bakır is now closer to its customers! Don't forget to follow us on Linkedin, Instagram and X platforms. You can review our research activities, corporate news feed and social responsibility projects on relevant platforms.
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